The most famous doors in America are the bronze Columbus Doors at the Capitol Building, from 1855. These unique doors are 17 feet high and weigh an astounding 20,000 pounds. Each carved panel depicts the voyages of Columbus.

They are a work of art, and we should remember that when thinking about interior doors. Of course, nobody expects you to commission doors that represent your life. Still, on-trend and creative doors will level up your interior design.

So, if you want interior doors that add something special to your home, this article is for you. Throw away that standard white door paint and get creative with these trendy door designs.

Sliding Doors

There are two main versions of sliding doors; visible and pocket. Firstly, a visible system will allow the door to slide along the wall. They can feel oriental if you have an intricate pattern on the door.

Designers often use a black sliding system with a rustic wooden door for an industrial effect. The second style is a pocket door because it will slide into the wall itself. Pocket sliding doors are trendy in modern bathrooms this year.

Embossed Doors

Think of your doors as art, and don’t shy away from this new trend. Consumers are moving away from traditional rectangular embossed doors to geometric or minimalist shapes.

Sleek straight lines from top to bottom elongate a space and feel stylish. In contrast, diamond shapes will give any room a retro makeover. Have a play with different designs, and you’ll be surprised at how they influence your interior design.

Colored Doors

Turn your home doors into a statement piece with bold colors. You can say goodbye to white this year and introduce royal blue and emerald green colors.

Try a steel grey if you want a colored door that doesn’t overpower your home. It will emphasize other vital components in the room but still hint at a modern and edgy style.

Double Leaf Doors

Door installation can be challenging in wide doorways. But, double-leaf doors are the ideal answer and will increase the sense of space and grandeur. They look fantastic adjoining living rooms to dining rooms and at the end of long corridors.

These doors are very versatile, so you can have glass windows fitted in each panel to increase the amount of light. Or use block color design trends for a modern effect.

Saloon Doors

Saloon doors are a unique and charming trend this year. The traditional wooden version, such as these wooden saloon doors, look fantastic.

However, there are many swinging doors and colors to choose from, so each can be personalized to you.

Floor-To-Ceiling Doors

This new trend is popular with low-ceiling rooms to add extra height and definition. Floor-to-ceiling doors work exceptionally well, leading people into bedrooms from the entrance corridor.

In communal spaces, choose a glass floor-to-ceiling door to optimize natural light.

Goodbye Boring Interior Doors and Hello Style

These modern, creative and stylish interior doors will spruce up your home. They are a great way to inject a sense of your personality into the room while optimizing natural light and space. We expect these trends to continue into the next few years. 

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