Find out what we currently know about the Apple iPhone 14: While you might think that rumours about the iPhone 14 popping up here and there are ridiculous given that the iPhone 13 was just released, that is not the case. There were reports about the 14 long before the 13 was released, and this was made even clearer when Mark Gurman of Bloomberg released reports about the iPhone 14 leaks. To be sure, Mark’s reports should be taken with a grain of salt, but the fact that such reports exist can be exciting for those who are skipping the iPhone 13 or who are already anticipating the 14 version.

That being said, what are the contents of these reports? Let’s figure it out together:

What We Know Right Now about the Apple iPhone 14

With many people believing that the iPhone 13 isn’t a significant upgrade over the 12 model, many are hoping that the 14 has something better to offer. According to reports, this could actually happen. According to reports, the iPhone 14 will feature a complete redesign as well as a brand-new entry and pro model and it will also support 5G in India. This is already a significant improvement over the iPhone 13, which saw little to no redesigning. Unfortunately, for those looking for a lighter iPhone, the good news may end there. According to some reports, the iPhone 14 will be thicker than current models, and the fact that the iPhone 13 was already slightly thickened implies that the 14 will be larger.Let’s hope that the added weight isn’t too much of a concern.

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Let’s move on from the design and look at the display, which is the main attraction for many people. According to reports, the cut out on the top of the phone that is still present with the iPhone 13 will be completely removed. According to some reports, it will be replaced by a hole punch, while others claim there will be none, implying that the camera will be hidden beneath the display. This appears to be a massive leap to that notch that many people have grown to despise, but will there be technology to allow for it? We all know what Apple is like, and if they want something done, they’ll get it done.

Aside from the possibility of the front camera being invisible, the phone’s backside camera is also said to be completely flush. This eliminates the problem with the iPhone wobbling on the table. The entire thing can now lay completely flat on the table.

Apple iPhone 14 Conclusion

While many of the rumours, particularly those from reliable sources, came true, not all of them did. As a result, as with any rumour, please take this information with a grain of salt. When predicting the iPhone 14 for next year, exercise some restraint. Regardless of whether the information is correct, the iPhone 14 and all of its rumours have piqued our interest. This means that Apple fans all over the world have a lot to look forward to in the world of iPhones and other products.

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