With so many features to choose from such as mechanical switches, N-key rollover, macros, anti-ghosting, and more, it can be very easy to get overwhelmed if you are new to the world of gaming keyboards. Whether you like to play PC games as a hobby or are thinking of setting up as a professional gamer or streamer, choosing the right gaming keyboard can make all the difference. Keep reading to find out more about all the most important features of gaming keyboards and what to look for before you buy.

Features Do You Get With a Gaming Keyboard

Why Get a Gaming Keyboard?

There is a reason why professional gamers don’t compete with regular keyboards. If you want to get better gaming performance, then you can find gaming keyboards from popular brands such as Lenovo.com that are designed for the job. Gaming keyboards that are used by competitive players these days are engineered for reliability and high levels of performance, even after years of heavy use. 

Features Gaming Keyboards Offer

What makes gaming keyboards special? While features like futuristic designs and LED lighting will make your keyboard stand out, it’s the features that are designed to improve your gaming experience that really matter the most. Some of the main features that gaming keyboards have, which will have an impact on your everyday gaming routine, include:

Switch Types

Each key has a switch underneath it that registers each keystroke. Membrane and mechanical are the two most common switch types for keyboards. Mechanical switches tend to be the most popular option for gaming keyboards since they are the most durable and offer more variety. However, they also tend to be more expensive and louder in comparison to membrane switches. 

Anti-Ghosting and Key Rollover

Key rollover measures the number of keypresses that your keyboard can register at once. Most standard keyboards offer one or two key rollover. If you press more than this at the same time, the keyboard will either not register additional keystrokes or additional unpressed keys will be registered, which causes an issue known as ghosting. Quality gaming keyboards tend to be designed to register more keystrokes at a time compared to standard keyboards, to avoid ghosting and improve the gaming experience. 

Build Quality

If you have been gaming for a while then you will know that gaming is not always gentle. While your current regular keyboard might be able to handle light tapping when you write an email or update social media, it probably isn’t designed to keep up with fast-paced gaming. If you want to get the best gaming experience then you will need to get a keyboard that is built to last. Gaming keyboards tend to be made with durability in mind and have metal backplates to avoid bending or breaking. 

Software Customization

Finally, many gaming keyboards allow you to reprogram key functions and record entire sequences of keystrokes and mouse clicks, which can be ideal for lots of games. Some keyboards come with additional keys that are not assigned, ready for you to assign for macros yourself. 

Whether you game as a hobby or want to make money from it, investing in a good gaming keyboard is a must for any PC gamer. 

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