All of this was broadcast live on social media. You have probably seen one of these programs yourself!

Live streaming is the next step in the evolution of digital video. If your customers haven’t asked you yet, they will soon.

Your Live streaming Agency needs to be one step ahead of the competition and learn all about live marketing so you can convey its value to your clients, answer all of their questions, and make their marketing decisions.

Fortunately, we’re here to give you an introduction!

What is live streaming?

Live streaming is the sending and receiving of live video over the internet or cable television. Today we are talking about live broadcasts on the internet.

Live streaming isn’t new. Live broadcasts have been shown on television for decades.

However, we are seeing an explosion in the scope, breadth and depth of access to live streams.

We can thank the internet for democratizing live streaming by removing barriers to accessing, sharing and creating content.

This gives a great advantage to creators and viewers. Anyone with a smartphone, app and internet connection (celebrities, journalists, makeup artists, high school students, actors, whatever they want) can participate in the live broadcast.

Plus, anyone with a social media account can use their chosen network to host their live streaming content.

But why would a brand or Live streaming Agency want something live instead of a carefully crafted and produced video?

Yes, there are more opportunities for failure. But there are also enormous advantages.

Let’s dissolve it.

The top three reasons live streaming is great for businesses

Live streaming has many advantages for a brand brave enough to try it out.

Humanize your brand

Classic brand communications are smooth and impactful films with a high production value, but this production style doesn’t always resonate with audiences.

Consumers get bored with artificial brands. Sometimes highly productive content is fake or unreliable.

However, raw, unfiltered video during a live event is considered authentic and authentic. Viewers find it more attractive. It’s transparent and shows confidence that it’s the brand itself. It’s real and alive.

Viewers love live streaming and build brand loyalty during these rough moments.

Increased engagement

Live streaming is almost as good as having a customer in the same room as you. Because of this:

You can see their reaction to the things you show them.

You can see their comments live.

You have the opportunity to respond directly to what has been said and answer your questions.

The audience has the opportunity to interact and connect with each other as a community around your brand.

Live streaming helps you deliver your speeches in an organic way that is difficult to reproduce with pre-recorded material.

Greater reach

Streaming has proven extremely popular since its inception. Facebook Live alone reports that more than two billion people have seen a live video stream since the feature was launched two years ago. Millions of users have streamed live video at least once.

When you have access to over two billion people, can you imagine the value of your Live streaming Agency to your clients?

What can agencies do with live broadcasts?

Don’t let the new marketing channel put you off. You must be excited! This is a great opportunity to break new ground.

Here are some creative and compelling ways to implement live streaming in customer marketing plans:

Backstage materials

Give your client’s viewers VIP behind-the-scenes footage that they would normally not have access to.

For example, show them how their favorite products are made, what the head office looks like, what the creative process of your brand was like, how your employee party went or what happened at the last cultural event.

Livestream viewers love to see people enjoying themselves, so show them off!

Live presentations and conferences

Your audience wants to attend conferences and seminars that interest them, but sometimes they can’t.

If you can give them VIP access to the conference by sharing speaker sessions, updating them with notes and insights, you should link them to your channel.

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