Heat in the house is an integral part of a comfortable life. It is perceived by us as something self-evident. But when it comes to choosing a heating system, many are lost in the options and ways to ensure the optimal temperature in living spaces: what types of heating are there? What type of heating is better for a private house? We will answer these and other questions in our article.

Types of heating systems in a private house are classified by the type of heat carrier, the type of fuel used by the heat generator, and by the type of heating device. Quite often, several systems are used, which work in parallel or are used in turn.

All systems have many differences, but the working principle and components are practically the same:

  1. A heat generator (boiler, heat pump, water heaters sacramento) that heats the coolant to a certain level.
  2. The pipeline through which the coolant circulates.
  3. Heating devices that provide heat transfer from the coolant to the air in the room.

But there are exceptions: for example, in a low-temperature system of electric underfloor heating, there are no pipes, and heating is carried out by thermal energy, which is generated in the process of passing an electric current through conductors with resistance.

To decide on the appropriate type of space heating, you need to familiarize yourself with the principles of operation of each of them, as well as take into account many other factors (location of the building, climatic conditions, materials from which the house is built, etc.).

What are the types of heating in a private house?

Water heating is a heating system for private houses with a liquid heat carrier – water, which circulates through pipes and transfers heat from the heat generator to the heating devices. Depending on the method of arrangement of the system, the following types of water heating of a private house are distinguished:

1. Radiator;

2. Water-heated floor.

You can use both one type of device and several – combine batteries with pipes for floor heating.  Also, the heating system can function with several heat sources: main and additional.

Air is able to heat the room very quickly, so it is very popular. Devices such as fan heaters are used for heating small rooms, and for large buildings, systems are used in which warm air is supplied through pipes to each room.

Electricity is most rationally used when an apartment building has its own solar or wind power plant, since the cost of electricity is quite high. Heat in such systems (heated floors, electric radiators) is produced due to the resistance that occurs during the passage of current through the conductors.

What type of heating is better for a private house?

There is no unequivocal answer to this question, as it depends on a number of factors. The most optimal option can be chosen by the professionals of the Teplosoft company, who thoroughly know how the heating system is arranged in a private house and take into account all the nuances:

  1. To install a solid fuel boiler, it is necessary to install a boiler room – a separate room where the unit will be located, as well as arrange a place for storing fuel materials.
  2. In order to use a gas boiler, in addition to connecting to the main line, you need to make an appropriate project and obtain permit documentation, while the installation of an electric boiler in a private house takes place without this.
  3. In one house, the issue of heat supply is solved by the correct installation of heating radiators, and in another – it is necessary to install floor heating to achieve a comfortable microclimate.

An individual approach in choosing a heating system is not a marketing ploy, but the only correct way to provide heat in the house.

Types of heat generators for heating residential premises

To heat the coolant, use:

  • Gas, electric and solid fuel boilers.
  • Heat pumps
  • Solar collectors

They most often serve as the main sources of heat, and infrared heaters, ceramic panels, fan heaters, electric fireplaces, and convectors are used as additional ones. Knowing what types of heating exist in a private house, the owners can choose a suitable option on their own or turn to the specialists of the Teplosoft company for help.