Some mistakenly believe, that today, everything is all about digital marketing. However, if that were true, we would be walking into nameless stores, streets would be empty and colorless without printed words, and many of your potential customers would never ever hear about your business or products in their life. It’s hard to imagine this scenario, right?

Traditional marketing is very far from being eradicated by backlit screens and algorithm-defying schemes. It’s still part of the real world and recognizing this can be a valuable addition to your business’s current reach. But just where should you spend that tight marketing budget of yours, you may be wondering. Well, here are some of the traditional marketing techniques that still matter in 2022.

Traditional marketing: pros and cons

It’s worth taking a moment to discuss where the advantages and disadvantages of traditional marketing lie so that you can make the smartest decisions in your campaigns. The problem with traditional marketing is that, as opposed to anything that happens in the digital world, it’s hard to measure its exact ROI. You will hardly know how many people glanced at your billboard or read your newspaper ad. In addition, certain traditional marketing methods can be pricier than their digital counterparts. It costs nothing to send an email but it does cost a few cents to send out direct mail.

However, this cost may bring some advantages to the table: traditional marketing is more difficult to ignore than ads that just flash up on your phone. Printed words are also more easily processed than those you see on a screen. While you may have a more limited space to express your message, you get to reach certain audiences that won’t be exposed to your digital ads. So, the key is determining when it is the most lucrative to use traditional marketing methods and which methods fit your needs best.

Direct mail

The effectiveness of direct mail advertising is sometimes up for debate. However, in a world where we are swimming in spam emails, direct mail provides better chances at earning a brand recall. Targeting the right people is what will make this marketing technique worth the investment. For instance, you should be aware that millennials are more likely to respond well to a mail ad than Gen Z. Those who have already shown an interest in your business are prime targets. Direct mail also has great personalization options, which will earn your bonus points.

Newspaper or magazine ads

Newspaper ads have the advantage of the printed word—as we mentioned briefly, people seem to process information seen on paper better than when seen in a digital environment. However, with newspaper ads, there is the possibility that no one will even read your ad, right? Well, this is where a smart solution in the form of niche magazines comes in. If your product or service fits into any such category, you will make leaps and bounds in terms of reaching a specific target audience by advertising in these magazines. Since targeting is often said to be one of the challenges of traditional marketing, this should not be brushed aside.


While someone can easily use an ad blocker in their browser, billboards are hard—or even impossible— to ignore. They are placed strategically, so even today, they have a massive reach, and while they may not give you enough time and space for creating leads directly, they are very effective at boosting brand recognition. Many businesses refrain from billboard advertising because of the costs involved. Naturally, billboard space in the most congested business centers will have its price tag, but assuming that all billboard marketing is out of your reach would be wrong.


New businesses often take advantage of advertising with flyers, and for good reasons. Without an extensive mailing list or robust local SEO strategy, it can be hard to get the word out about a new business. Flyers allow you to target a local customer base directly, which is perfect for businesses that highly depend on local footfall. Potential leads will be right in front of you; all you need to do is hand them your leaflet. Flyers are also a crucial element in cross-promotion. If there are businesses in your area that are doing services complementary to yours, you may be able to swap flyers with them and get access to each other’s customers this way.

Promotional items

The next traditional marketing technique that is still alive and thriving today is promotional items. Everyone loves free stuff and people seeing your brand logo on something they got as a gift will immediately create a positive association in them with your business. Pens, flash drives, mugs, flashlight keychains, hand sanitizers, T-shirts printed with your logo, and other items we all use on a daily basis are always appreciated, and as they pass through the hands, they boost your brand recognition one person at a time. You can even hand out samples this way.

Branded signage

Speaking of branded gifts you can hand out to your customers—these are not the only things that should carry your logo. Branded signage is another important traditional marketing method every business should still be utilizing. Eye-catching branded signs at your entrance, high-quality custom door mats with your name, and other branded products inside and around your establishment provide an added layer of branding that will burn into the minds of everyone who step across your threshold.


Finally, another traditional marketing method that won’t be going anywhere anytime soon is sponsorship. For businesses that target a local audience, sponsoring events that have local significance is a great opportunity to gain exposure. Focus on events that are related to your business in some way and your targeting efforts will be more effective. All in all, sponsorship benefits both you and your local community at the same time, so it will even contribute to a positive image.

While digital marketing is soaring to new heights, many forget about the fact that traditional marketing is still all around us. In some cases, the more direct nature of these “old” techniques can yield great results. As long as you’re picking the right means to your end, you won’t have to worry about it being a waste of time or money. 

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