The Greatest Presents for Autistic Children, In keeping with an Autistic Editor

I get it.

Shopping for items for autistic children and adults is difficult. I imply, we’re superior, and typically — oftentimes — choosy. Children? Much more so. And the truth that there’s so many flavors of autism makes issues that a lot trickier. Sensory seekers, like me, need issues that give us suggestions, and items that cater to that like spiky footrests and spicy pickles, are well-received. Autistic children with extra sensory sensitivities are likely to draw back from issues that present an excessive amount of enter.

In truth, the one widespread denominator I’ve ever discovered with autistic children and adults is that all of us hate the seam in our socks, tags in our garments, having our shoulders trapped in a too-tight jacket, and something aside from luxe, delicate materials. OK, and social conditions. These are additionally unfun within the excessive.

Curating an inventory of nice items for autistic children was clearly difficult, however with assist from my autistic son, my autistic associates, and oldsters of autistic children, I believe you will discover one thing for the wonderful autistic child in your life.