The Finest Galaxy Star Projectors for a Dreamy Ambiance Not like Any Different

The 5 Finest Star Projectors for 2023 – Galaxy Star Projectors Price Shopping forThe Finest Star Projectors of 2023

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These mesmerizing projectors make an excellent gift and are perfect for entertainers looking to create extra ambiance, as well, but there are a few things to keep in mind before making a purchase.

What to Consider


There are a number of scientifically accurate star projectors, such as the SEGA Homestar, that my colleagues at Popular Mechanics endorse because they display true star clusters and essentially turn your room into a mini-planetarium. Although we admire projectors like these, we haven’t featured any of them in this guide because they’re harder to use, and are not what most people are looking for when searching for a galaxy star projector. The models we’ve highlighted are more novelty items than scientific tools, and help create ambiance.

Adjustable Settings

Be sure to pay attention if the projector has adjustable settings that control the projector’s intensity, its brightness, and its rotation speed. If you’re shopping for someone who really likes to fine-tune settings, you should also shop for a model that lets you change colors. Having adjustable brightness is especially nice to have in case you want a dimmer projection to fall asleep to.

Extra Features

Several galaxy smart projectors do more than just project lights on a blank wall or ceiling. Some double as white noise machines or Bluetooth speakers, and many can sync to your music to create a cool light show that complements your tunes. If you’re tech-savvy, we recommend the Liuyang Galaxy Projector, because it’s highly customizable and can be controlled with a companion smartphone app or with your voice using the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa smart home platforms.

How We Chose

With hundreds of star projectors to choose from that look nearly identical despite different product names, shopping for the best, most reliable projectors can be as overwhelming as trying to find the constellation “Lynx.” I’ve researched and compared 40 models and scoured the internet reading reviews written by space enthusiasts from publications such as Popular Science and I also compared reviews from consumers and two of our editors at Best Products, put a few models to test, too.

Our recommend projectors are fantastical, fun, and are the best way to bring the galaxies into your home. So, shop our five favorite projectors below.

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