Social media is a powerful marketing tool which Internet Marketers use to convert prospective customers into loyal buyers and clients. However, whether social media will help you increase your conversion rate depends on how you will handle it. Social media has the potential of wild viral effects if used the correct way. Below are seven social media mistakes you should be careful not to make to avoid losing leads or looking like a fool.

7 Sins of Social Media

1. Abandoning or Neglecting Your Content

As a brand, you might have all the resources needed to come up with great content, but it will not help if you will abandon it as soon as it is posted. You have to understand that social media is all about conversing with people the way you would do if you were to convince a stranger to buy something you happen to be selling on the streets. If you can’t make follow-ups, reply to comments and make updates where need be, those you meet via social media will soon forget you which implies that you will make few conversions regardless of good content.

2. Manipulating People Into Viewing Your Content

When people began using social media platforms as tools for Internet Marketing, the developers of these platforms designed and integrated even more powerful tools to help marketers reach their maximum potential. For instance, Facebook’s news feed algorithm (EdgeRank), which determines what posts appear on an individual’s newsfeed. People indeed spend more time on Facebook Newsfeed, but it does not mean that you should consistently post photos because they stay longer on the newsfeed. Instead, invest in inspiring content.

3. Monotonous Posts

You indeed need content which connects with some of your target audience’s passions, but it does not necessarily mean that you should repeat the same thing over and over again. Come up with new ideas for content which can be gotten from the Internet. For instance, if your target audience likes smart mobile devices, do not talk about software updates all the time; try looking for unique and intriguing content like how one can save on battery power or useful but unknown accessories in the market.

4. Ignorance

Few people read the terms and conditions under which a social media platform provides its services before they begin using it. However, this can cost you a lot and even lead to losses. For instance, Facebook will execute penalties on your account if you did not know that asking users to share posts as part of a contest entry is illegal. Similarly, Instagram photos cannot be used in adverts without express consent.

5. Uniformity of Content on All Social Media Networks

One of the most crucial mistakes most internet marketers make with social media is cross-posting the same content on all of their social media network accounts. Facebook does not have the same strengths as Twitter or Instagram. Before you make a blind post, look at what your Facebook fans would prefer and see if it relates to what your Twitter followers would prefer. To give a clue of how uniformity affects your social media strategy, casual language is acceptable on Twitter and Facebook while most people prefer professionalism when using LinkedIn.

6. People Do Not Make The Most Out of Their Social Media Bios

Before a customer can buy from you, they need to know you well, and what you do otherwise, it will be difficult for them to gain trust. Most companies and individual marketers rush into attractive content and forget to include effective bios. Before you can even post your first photo, make sure your website URL, business location and other important details about yourself are visible from your profile.

7. Failing To Enforce Social Media Policies

Most brands do not have limits as to how they use social media websites. Remember, you are conversing with people who have opinions and emotions too. If you become too personal, you might annoy someone although content which is so professional does not work out too. If you leave employees to manage social media marketing for you, you should give them guidelines on how to conduct the campaigns. Important too is to ensure that the content on your social media accounts is always up to date. The information which is not up to date gives a prospective the impression of a brand which is negligent and inconsistent.

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