Renovation allows visually appealing additions in the house and ensures a particular space is used in the best possible way. For this reason, most people in Singapore hire hdb contractors to remodel their homes at affordable prices. 

However, the renovation trends keep on evolving and getting better. Consequently, this year the remodelling preferences of Singaporeans have changed. Rather than opting for a paint job or investing in luxurious amenities like a swimming pool, owners are going for greener, minimalist, and smart homes.

We have listed the top trends for home renovation in Singapore below. So, let’s check them out.

Top Home Renovation Trends in Singapore

Biophilic Designs in Renovation

Nature is deeply rooted in human lives. For this reason, our mood automatically lifts up when our surroundings are full of greenery. We feel more positive and energetic by staying near nature. Moreover, our brain subconsciously likes the textures, colours, and patterns related to nature.  

Biophilic interior designs add natural elements to the home with the help of renovation. The homes renovated using biophilic designs have enough natural light inside. Thus, there is no need for artificial lights in the daytime. Additionally, adding plants in every section of the house is a common thing when implementing these designs. 

Renovators can enhance the appearance and aesthetic of the house with the help of natural colour schemes. Furthermore, biophilic designs are not only limited to just placing some plants and flower pots in the house. Instead, some reputable HDB contractors are experimenting with hanging installations and plant coverings on the walls. 

Combination of Modern and Vintage

A few years ago, the trend of installing modern renovation elements in every section of the house was widespread. However, nowadays antique furniture items are coming back into the renovation practices. Consequently, remodelling is hitting a sweet spot by combining modern and vintage elements to elevate the look and feel of the houses.

Vintage and antique furniture items give an appealing look to a space and are beneficial for the environment. As they can be reused for years, there is no need to cut more trees and make furniture to serve our needs.

Moreover, people are shifting to second-hand furniture items. There are various online platforms from where homeowners can buy used furniture. So, this renovation method is both economical and eco-friendly. For this reason, many people have already implemented a combination of modern and vintage renovation designs, and the number is increasing every day.

Utilising The Outdoor Space

People have understood the importance of areas like patios, balconies, decks, etc. Because they were the only places where they could go and relax instantly. For this reason, homeowners in Singapore are investing a considerable amount in renovating these portions of the house and transforming them as per their preferences.

The look and feel of the outside parts of the house can be enhanced by using the right furniture and designs during the renovation. Additionally, one can add plants and flowers in these areas for a more relaxing and cheerful vibe. So, if you are planning to renovate soon, don’t forget to consider the extra outdoor space of the house. 

Warmer Colour Scheme

Cool neutral colours such as steely grey, brown, crisp whites, etc, have been the first choice of the homeowners for a long time. However, there is a shift in the preferences nowadays as people are preferring warmer colours. Consequently, colours like beige and cream are slowly gaining popularity amongst Singaporean homeowners. 

These shades combined with neutral colours offer a comforting experience to the viewers. Moreover, the earthier colours such as rust, camel, and taupe provide a cosy ambience to the walls and furniture. Furthermore, some contractors implement tan or taupe colours in combination with the soft pink colour creating a cheerful vibe in any particular space.

Newer Designs For Guest Bedrooms

Home renovation offers much more than just adding a bed and side table in the guest bedroom. Adding the right accessories and furniture changes the feel and style of the room. For this reason, most renovation contractors are aiming to design highly functional spaces that are both visually and aesthetically appealing.

Here are some of the unique renovation ideas for guest bedrooms that Singaporeans are preferring nowadays:

  • Special lighting and wall treatment.
  • Adding a mini-fridge.
  • Including a desk and chair with a side table for more utility.
  • Implementing the same decoration elements that are specific to the house location such as metropolitan, coastal, farmhouse, etc.

Variants of Green Colour

Green is one of the most popular colours for home renovation nowadays. Various paint companies have admitted that lush green and its related shades have left behind the classic blue, becoming the first choice of interior designers. 

Green and its shades symbolise nature and its various elements. It gives us the sense of being surrounded by greenery without going outdoors. Most outdoor gatherings are restricted to the houses only nowadays. For this reason, it is beneficial to have the natural colours in the living space that we feel connected to on a deeper level.

Layering With Textures

Textures are an integral part of fashion, and now they have started making an entry into the renovation industry also. For this reason, people prefer nubby, furry, and cosy patterns. As per the trend, they are going to become mainstream in the upcoming years. 

With the help of techniques such as lime-washing and advanced painting products, even walls can be textured!. Moreover, property owners can get their desired look by using suitable accessories and furniture. Some of the common textures are metal, wood, leather, etc.


The above are the top renovation trends and designs that are going to become mainstream soon. To effectively implement the modern designs in the renovation, one must only hire reputable home renovation contractors in Singapore that have good expertise. This way, remodelling will be as per your preferences with good finishing in the work. 

Moreover, modern design looks appealing and adds good functionalities to a particular space. Consequently, after renovation, the area can be used conveniently. All in all, you must know about the newer home renovation trends and designs to get the best remodelling experience. 

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