The development of real estate portals is quickly becoming popular as it allows potential clients to search for the properties they want considering features and facilities. A robust and interactive real estate website is an ideal platform for realtors to promote and advertise real estate listings. This single platform acts as a connector between sellers and buyers.

Contact real estate web design Canada if you want a high-tech website full of advanced features that will help you reach your maximum audience instantly and meet your business goals. Our highly experienced, dedicated and skilled developers customize a real estate web portal tailored to your precise needs. We build B2B and B2C modules to centralize administration, list properties and manage users effectively. We also help you with an automated deletion of duplicate inventory posts.

Hire real estate portal developer from us to do your job for the best price!

Why hire a real estate portal developer?

Real estate web design Canada offers a comprehensive service on developing real estate portals tailored to your business needs. We are 24 hours a day, 70 hours to serve you, regardless of the complications of your project.

Here are the reasons to hire our real estate portal booking portal developer:

Easy to use solutions

To make money on freight delivery services, you need to build an engaging app that customers can easily use. Our experts ensure that website visitors can specify places to opt-in to your service and use your app without any hassle.

timely delivery

We promise to build an app so robust for your business that you will earn the best profits. Our developers implement their expertise to populate your app with great resources and complete your project on time. Our fast performance helps you grow and expand your business quickly. 


We offer an all-inclusive real estate portal development service at an affordable price without compromising on quality. You also receive full maintenance and support from us at no extra investment. Once you hire our developers to design your app, you get the best results for the lowest price.

Play Store Launch

In addition to the development of real estate portals, we launched your app on the Play Store for all customers to access it on the go. We know how to devise and launch an app in the store to facilitate user access that expands your customer base.

Development of Real Estate Portal – Our Areas of Expertise

With increasing competition in real estate, you need to have a website that stands out from the crowd. When you attract the attention of the most people, you significantly increase conversions and sales and take your business to the next level! Hire dedicated developers from us to build a website that will help you make a mark in the crowded market.

Find out below what we specialize in:

Notifications and Alerts

Our real estate portal developers know how to integrate the alert system into your website. It helps to push notifications and updates on the latest available properties, bids and other relevant stuff.

Connection to the business system

Our real estate web development focuses on integrating key business functions. We know how to create the perfect digital payment engines, loan calculators, subscriptions, user enrollment and more.

Analysis and reports

With a website built by us, you can gain real-time insights using charts, graphs and other visualization options to discover the most powerful trends and strategize accordingly. You can generate detailed reports as per the requirements that include information about users, properties and other relevant aspects.

Design and Development of Real Estate Websites – What can we do for you?

A website must look good and run smoothly, no matter how small or big the business is. We’ve designed an amazing interactive web experience to match your potential customers’ buying mechanisms with your sales processes. Through your website, you can showcase your creative excellence, but deliver the marketing message that helps you gain more customers.

Once you hire us, we design and develop your real estate website from scratch and customize it to your precise needs. We give your website an edge over your competitors so you can build a massive online presence. Unlike other media, a website always prices to be a great brand marketing tool. With a beautiful and enriching website, you reflect a professional brand image.

Here’s what our web designers and developers can do for your real estate portal:

Brand and logo design

We can build a website that helps you make an exceptional brand and grow your business. A branding logo or visualization works more than your branding. Our talented designers can create a captivating logo that helps you build a unique impression on your target audience.

constructive target marketing

Many realtors don’t make the most of their websites for marketing purposes because they don’t know the meaning of online presence. Our developers market your real estate website effectively to drive traffic, leads and conversions. We help you generate more leads and gain more customers via marketing.

Real Estate Portal Development – Resources We Add to Your Site

A feature-rich real estate website helps you meet customer needs and significantly grow your business. It allows homeowners, agents and clients to list real estate and sell or rent from a variety of options. 

Here are the features we’ve added to your website:

Easy Property List

Our website makes it easy for users to register and act on available properties. The listing feature simplifies multiple option rentals and sales for agents and homeowners.

Advanced Search

We’ve added an “advanced search” feature to your website that helps users easily search for relevant locations. Google Map integration helps track the exact location of any property.

Social Media Sharing

When we build a real estate website, you share your available offers and property-related fairs through social media platforms as a registered user.

Multi-Language Support

With multi-language support, website visitors have a complete view of properties that help them choose the right option suited to their needs and preferences.

Generation of Users and Customers

Users and customers can easily make complete forms on your real estate website. Validates the information people provide and generates login id and password. We create data records and exclusive space for users and customers.

search algorithms

We’ve added algorithms that make the search process a breeze for users. They can search properties by category (buy, sell, rent and rent), budget, location, and advanced search.

Classification and tracking of properties

All properties have summary ratings against them. Site visitors have the option to rate them. They can also start property discussion forums. We built a real estate website that facilitates property tracking, appointment scheduling, alerts, and channel advertising.

Discussion Forums

With your real estate portal built by us, users can start new discussions. They have the opportunity to choose between project-specific and general discussions.

Locators and Tools

When we build your website, discovering property locations is made easy because of built-in locators. Users can simply find realtors, property managers and architects. We’ve added tools that help users with querying, getting insurance, and evaluating.

Hire real estate portal developers from us to get your desired results

To stay ahead of your competitors in real estate, you need a website that is something out of the world. Our web designers and developers listen to your ideas and do whatever it takes to bring them into existence.

So what are you waiting for? Hire our dedicated developers today to build your dream real estate portal at a reasonable price!

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