Every business must deliver valuable technology solutions at the speed of business to compete in a disruptive global market.

This necessitates a common approach to continuous learning, elevated collaboration, and design thinking by all those involved in the definition, development, testing, deployment, and release of software products. 

Let’s discuss SAFe 5’s primary DevOps goals, how it plans to achieve them, and much more.

What Is SAFe 5?

SaFe is a mashup of the words Scaled Agile Framework. SaFe 5 is the latest release of the framework.

SAFe is a comprehensive operating system that combines:

  • Lean power
  • Agile power
  • DevOps power

These three parts help businesses succeed in the digital age by delivering new goods and services faster, more predictably, and with higher quality.

What Is DevOps?

DevOps is also a mashup of Development and Operations. DevOps is a set of technological techniques, a mindset, and a culture.

DevOps facilitates:

  • Communication between all parties
  • Integration between parties
  • Process automation
  • Continuous collaboration amongst all parties

DevOps is all about bringing development and production teams closer together. It places emphasis on collaborative planning, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance of a Solution.

As DevOps matures in your company there is a natural progression to applying the same principles at product end-of-life. Shutting down software takes just as much collaboration and planning. 

So What Is SAFe 5 DevOps?

In a nutshell, it brings together the Agile Framework and DevOps. A SAFe 5 professional is in charge of improving the entire flow of value from concept to operational solution via a constant development lifecycle.

The DevOps Goals in SAFe 5

The CALMR approach, developed by SAFe, is a philosophy that directs product delivery by managing continuous improvement in:

The CALMR components are:

  • Culture delivery
  • Automation delivery
  • Lean Flow
  • Project measurement
  • Recovery process

The safe 5 DevOps performance goals of the CALMR approach are:

  • Improved product innovation in terms of quality and security
  • Faster learning cycles reduce the risk of deployment
  • Reduced time-to-market for solutions
  • Fixing times were cut in half due to improved solution quality
  • There will be fewer failures and faults
  • Mean Time to Recover (MTTR) from production issues has improved

All these components are part of the CALMR strategy. Culture is a shared responsibility across the organization, from development to operations to security – everyone involved in the construction of anything should be a part of it.

SAFE Certifications

SAFe requires a significant change in culture, increased transparency, and early communication of issues during product development. Changing culture requires consistency, determination, and support from the top. That said, making use of certified coaches will ease the necessary change.

The coaches’ job is made significantly easier if team members have been on, as a minimum, SAFe Certification training. SAFe 5 DevOps certification is available in many flavors and at differing levels.

There is SAFe Essential Approach, Large Solution SAFe, Portfolio Safe, and Full SAFe. There is an appropriate certification available for each level of SAFe, depending on the level to which your company is implementing.

Is SAFe 5 DEVOPS Right For Me?

Any business developing software products can benefit from the scalable structure that SAFe brings. Bringing development and Operations Teams together using LEAN and DevOps goals speed up the delivery of high-quality products.

Overall, the scaled agile framework will help a business become more agile, precise, and productive.

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