Computer devices are everywhere in the world these days. Billions of laptop and desktop devices are available worldwide in business enterprises. Technology has made the corporate sector dependent on it. Therefore, businesses have no choices to use the PCs connected to the internet, and they have to provide the devices to the workforce at no time ever before. Employers are facing the biggest threats to business and productivity frequently.

 The cyberspace connected devices are not safe at all, but you can fix all the odds by using the windows monitoring app like window spy. The internal and external breaches and low yield of productivity are on the rise. Therefore, employers have to secure business computers and monitor the workforce during working hours.  

What is a Windows monitoring app?

It is a technological solution for windows computer devices connected to cyberspace. It makes you get rid of all the concerns you have regarding employees’ productivity and from data breaching.  You can install it on laptop and desktop PCs, and you can use its powerful features that make you do surveillance on every move on the devices. You can install it on a Windows PC, but you need to get physical access to the target device and then activate it. Moreover, you can get access to the online web control panel where you can find out dozens of tools to increase the productivity of employees and make sure business safety. 

You can use screen recording, screenshots, computer camera photos, browsing history, surround recording, view installed apps, and many more. Every feature works for the well-being of the business and to keep a hidden eye on the employee’s activity on windows devices.


Windows monitoring app is compatible with computer devices running with Windows OS starting from 8.9 and up to 10 versions. You can monitor laptop and desktop devices secretly and remotely.

How to install Windows tracking software?

Installing the windows monitoring app may take a few minutes, but before you go for it, make sure it is compatible with the computer devices. Now take a step further ahead, and you can get do subscribe to the windows tracking app by visiting the official webpage of computer monitoring software.  The subscription enables you to get credentials, and you further need physical access on the computer device to execute the installation process. You can activate the windows monitoring app after the installation and get access to the features that can protect your business and productivity to the fullest. Let’s discuss the tools in the following. 

Windows Monitoring app Features to protect business & productivity

Live screen recorder

You can protect the business and look after an employee’s productivity by using a live screen recording app. You can use it to record videos of windows screen when employees are using business devices. The tool will record the videos and keep saving to the dashboard. Employers can watch the windows screen videos and get to know about every move of employees during working hours.

Screenshots –on demand

You can capture on-demand screenshots on a windows screen by using the windows tracking app. You can send plenty of commands of screenshots on the target computing device and save on the dashboard.

Windows keylogger

Employers can do surveillance of business-owned devices to capture and record text conversations, messages, email messages, and others. You can use a keylogger on windows to spy on messages keystrokes, messenger credentials, email chat, and many more.

Surround recording

Now you can record and listen to the surrounding conversations of employees during the working hours remotely because you can operate and control the laptop window device microphone and connects it with the dashboard, and save the recorded surroundings on the dashboard.

View installed apps

You can monitor the windows computer to the fullest and even get the list of installed applications on the computer devices with the names by using the online dashboard of the windows monitoring app.

Email tracking

Users can monitor and track every email sent through the target PC to protect the business data of the employees stored on windows computers.


Windows monitoring software is the only application of its kind that empowers you to monitor and track business owned windows laptop and desktops to make sure about business safety and productivity. If you know more about this app click here TheOneSpy review.

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