Many people suffer from Atopic dermatitis (eczema). It is a condition in which patches of skin become itchy, inflamed, rough, and cracked. Conventional washing powder with toxic chemicals is a common irritant to sensitive and allergy-prone skin as it causes burning and redness in those with eczema and other skin conditions such as psoriasis. Apart from the skin, our nature also suffers a lot due to such toxic detergents.

Remember the time when the lockdown began and we were caged in the four walls of our houses? Sure, you do! At that time many positive things happened too – like the decline in air pollution, animals coming out on roads, clear skies, and many other unusual instances that led us to realize that we, humans, were causing considerable harm to our own planet. Apart from the blissful things we saw in the lockdown, we also noticed how people were happier with the rejuvenated environment around them. We should always remember that we do not have a one-way relationship with nature. We have to take immense care of her in return for what she gives to us for sustaining our lives. We can do small things that can eventually cast a big positive impact on nature.

Laundry detergents are difficult to avoid as we use them almost daily in our lives, so to begin with, we will tell you about how to make your laundry more skin-safe in ways that will also have a good effect on nature. The most effective way is to use an eco-friendly and pH neutral detergent for your laundry rather than using the conventional toxic washing powders.


Use a safe, non-toxic laundry detergent

Most of the detergents in the market are made up of toxic chemical substances. They mostly contain dyes, perfumes, and whiteners that clean and disinfect your clothes. Such chemicals help in making your clothes spotless and also make them smell good. But the negative part of these toxic detergents is that these very ingredients that help in making the clothes nice can be very harmful to your hands. They can cause your rash to flare up and make your skin extra dry. Choose a detergent that is hypoallergenic and free of strong fragrance, dyes, bleach, and optical brighteners that leave toxic residues in your clothes. People having skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, or extremely dry skin should definitely go for a more eco-friendly and skin-friendly detergent. A born good product can be the best option for your clothes as they are free of any toxic chemicals.

Use a liquid laundry detergent

Liquid laundry detergent is a good substitute for the conventional washing powders. The reason behind that is it dissolves completely in water without any particles sticking onto your clothes. Washing powders’ particles cling to the fibres of the fabric and may not be removed even by rinsing. With passing time, these residues build up in the fabric, and rub against the skin, causing allergies. Also, when the detergent water is thrown away, it can harm nature by leaving the toxic residues in the environment. Chemical-free liquid detergents have fewer residues than powders, thereby making them the safe choice for those with skin problems and also for nature.

Skip the fabric softener

The basic way to make your skin safe is to stop using fabric softener for your clothes. The colors, scents, and preservatives used in fabric softeners are skin irritants. They can result in exacerbating skin allergies. Any person’s hands can suffer from some severe skin problems due to these fabric softeners. In addition, the preservatives used in the fabric softener can deteriorate nature in a very harmful manner.

Avoid starching your clothes

People with skin problems are advised to wear loose, soft, and lightweight cotton clothes. These kinds of clothes help in keeping the person comfortable and free of irritation as the fabric is less likely to stick to the skin or cause it to heat up. However, starching stiffens cotton garments and causes them to rub against the skin, flaring up eczema. 

Go for an eco-friendly detergent

Use of an eco-friendly detergent with plant-based ingredients and no toxic substances as sulphates, phosphates, and parabens can be a very effective way to not only save your hands from chemicals but also to save the environment. These kinds of detergents are very harsh on bacterias and viruses but are soft on the hands. If you think that an eco-friendly detergent will not leave a soothing fragrance behind, then you are wrong. 

Born good’s detergents are natural and eco-friendly, and also come in two kinds of fragrances- Brazilian Rosewood and Japanese Cypress.

This was all about some natural ways to take care of your sensitive hands. By opting for such methods, you can also contribute to the betterment of nature. We need to save our hands as well as the environment from any kind of toxic substances.