In today’s world, if you have a business, you’re on the internet. There are very few businesses globally that do not have a presence on the internet. None of them have a good SEO marketing strategy. They are too small or operate with a small chain of customers and do not have any aspirations for growing or scaling up.

However, in the law profession, it is very hard for firms to survive if they cannot regularly pull in new customers and business. Even contracts with companies are renewed on a yearly basis, and it is tough to ensure that you can keep businesses with you for long periods of time.

This is where the internet is a valuable tool for law firms marketing. The internet is essentially a large billboard that billions of people worldwide spend many hours browsing through. If you are a firm that is looking to thrive in a particular kind of law or a specific region, then being on the internet gives you a fighting chance to do just that.

However, building a good looking website and paying firm money to keep it running isn’t the best way to make the most of the resources the internet offers you. There are several ways to improve the traffic that browses through your site without spending a dime on the advertisement. This is known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO as people on the web like calling it. This form of making and designing websites is one of the best ways to make your firm’s site look more appealing to the public and also ensures that your site ranks higher on Google’s search engine results.

Most Effective SEO Marketing Strategy for New Law Firms

Here are some of the reasons why law firm SEO marketing strategy is one of the best ways to improve your reach on the internet and also significantly increase your chances of getting new clients:

1. Get New Clients for Law Firms with Good SEO Strategy

Every time someone meets with an accident or needs some form of legal advice, they have two options. Firstly they can contact a family friend who might direct them to a lawyer, or they may do a Google search such as ‘lawyer near me’ or ‘car accident lawyer’ and take a look at the first few websites that pop up.

If you do not spend enough time working on your website’s SEO to tailor fit the kind of services you offer, then the first results that pop up on Google won’t belong to your firm. You’ll be so far down on the list that no one might notice your firm.

If however, your site is optimized to show up in the top 5 Google searches for a particular keyword, then the growth potential is exponentially better. It all comes down to how well your site is presented. Just as you wouldn’t go to a restaurant that doesn’t practice good hygiene, clients will not come to a site that doesn’t follow acceptable SEO practices.

2. Build Customer Reputation 

A lot of websites now use blogs to attract user traffic. The aim of writing a blog is that in case a potential customer needs help in solving a particular issue, they might end up reaching your site because of its Google result.

Once they’ve read the blog, they will maybe spend some more time scrolling through related content on your site. This is akin to a customer coming into a physical store and taking a look at the items for sale. Before you know it, there is a positive association created, and in case the client does need any legal services in the future, your site is the first one they will reach out to.

3. Affordable SEO Marketing Strategy for Law Firms 

Traditionally, SEO marketing strategy for law firms hasn’t been all that popular. It is only recently that firms are coming to realize that traditional forms of advertisement such as billboards and newspaper advertisements cost too much and don’t give you much in return. It is because of all of this that SEO is viewed as a very affordable way to get access to an infinite customer base.


SEO is a growingly popular area of research and has a lot of potential for business. There are whole companies whose leading service is to make your website more accessible to general internet traffic.

If SEO is something your firm did not find necessary in the past, it might be time for you to review your SEO marketing strategy and do something about it. There is no point spending a lot of money keeping a website running if you are not able to attract customers to it.

Author Bio

Sophia is a marketing expert working at Conroy Creative CounselOnline marketing agency for law firms in the USA. She has a passion for creative and technical writing and always looks for learning something new.