Did you know that Donald Hings invented two-way radios way back in 1937? Today, there are many types of radios that benefit modern companies.

Are you curious how these radio signals help communications in the workplace? Are you wondering if investing in the best radio equipment is worth it?

The following guide will explain 7 reasons your company needs two-way radios. Read on and learn why radios still hold a valuable place in the telecommunications industry.

1. Noisey Conditions

Noise on the job is a big reason to consider using two-way radios. They help hear messages the first time and eliminate miscommunications.

Certain radios even provide an Intelligent Audio feature that reduces background noise automatically.  It ensures that your conversation comes through clearly and uninterrupted.

2. Quality Products

There are two-way radios at various price levels depending on your quality needs. Higher level radios often withstand wear and tear better.

Investing in quality radios is a good investment because it adds efficiency to the workplace. They’re also simple to repair if something happens to them. You can click for Motorola radio repair options here to see examples.

3. Features and Functions

Commercial grade radios come with many functions and features to upgrade communications. Examples include Bluetooth functions and the ability to switch from analog to digital.

Two-ways also don’t require any cell service. This makes them very dependable when working on a construction site, in remote areas, or traveling on the road.

4. Two-Way Radio Accessories

Professional grade two-way radio accessories prioritize business scenarios. You can add things like headsets, earpieces, microphones, and batteries.

5. Good Warranties

FRS-rated radios typically have a warranty that lasts one year with some limitations. Some professional-grade Motorola radios offer two-year warranties and even honor warranties after that.

6. Great Durability

Professional two-way radios get designed with durability in mind. Many brands put their radios through a sequence of tests such as drops, vibrations, and shocks. These tests ensure the radios will withstand day-to-day use in your workplace.

Cell phones can experience many technical issues such as long times for apps to load. They’re also very fragile in comparison to two-way radios. Smartphones might have great features for some situations, but two-ways are much more reliable.

7. Battery Life

Modern digital technology provides batteries that hold a charge for up to 29 hours. This makes two-way radios reliable even for the longest shifts.

Most two-way radios use NiCad, NiMH, or Li-Ion batteries. Ni-Cad batteries have been used for the longest time in walkie-talkies. Lower-end products might use AA or AAA batteries instead.

Because the radios run on batteries, they’re great in case of emergency power outages.

Ready to Use Two-Way Radios?

Now you know 7 awesome reasons to start using two-way radios to upgrade your communications. They’re durable, reliable, and come with trustworthy warranties. Different features and long battery lives make them useful in various work environments.

Consider two-way radios and start improving your company’s efficiency with clearer communication today. Check out our site’s business and technology sections for more fascinating tips and information.

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