We all instinctively know that unique branding is a good thing. But what you might not know is that the data backs this up.

For example, six out of ten people say they are more likely to buy from a company that prioritizes original content. As humans, we value innovation and put it on a pedestal.

But that’s not the only argument for producing a truly authentic brand. Here are three great reasons it pays to invest in original brand content for your business growth. 

1. It Targets the Right People

The trick to getting regular new leads is knowing whom you want to target. The more fine-tuned your targeting, the better your conversion rates will be once you put an offer in front of those people.

That’s where original branding content can help, too. Go for something quirky that’s not to everyone’s taste. It differentiates your business to the point where you’ll attract the right people to your brand and repel the wrong people.

While aiming to repel people with controversial brand choices might sound strange, you filter out those who aren’t your target customer and won’t buy from you.

It makes your marketing far more effective. Your brand will be memorable to your ideal customer for all the right reasons. 

2. More Effective Ads

Here’s how modern online advertising works. The ad platform monitors how much people engage with your ad (by engage, we mean to click, like, or comment).

When people engage with it, the platform views it as a great ad experience and shows it to more of your preferred audience.

In other words, the ad platform is scoring you on ad engagement, and by creating a great ad that people love, you’ll pay less for your ad. 

That’s why you need to have original content. It’s hard to get high engagement on an ad if you look and sound like all of your competitors. You have to stand out from the crowd.

You’ll produce far more potent advertising campaigns if you focus your efforts on a unique branded content marketing creation. Check out these video marketing tips for lots of fun ideas. 

3. A Brand Innovator, Not a Follower

There are two types of businesses in this world: innovators and followers. Which one do you want to be? 

An innovative business breaks the rules and wins early adopters’ hearts (and purchases). These businesses are the ones people remember because they broke the mold. They also have the best branded content. 

It’s tough to build a company with product innovation. That often means hiring genius inventors and paying millions on product development.

But you can innovate through your branded content instead, and that’s a fantastic way to show the world that your business is different from everything that came before you.

It makes you exciting, fun and novel. People want to buy from those types of brands. 

Aim High with Original Brand Content

Don’t follow the crowd with your content. You will be mimicking the ideas of an innovator, and it’s far better to be an innovator yourself. So focus your efforts on original brand content to win the attention and loyalty of your customers. 

You can find more branded content ideas for your next promotion by heading to our marketing section. 

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